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I started reading books when I was 4 yrs old because I wanted the stories and worlds that reading gave me. I wanted to learn, explore and escape. Writing fiction is about letting my imagination run wild and taking you along for the journey… are you ready? Good! it’s time for you to explore and enjoy!


Delve deeper into the library of fantastical fiction, where every book holds the promise of adventure, mystery, and wonder. There are even more exciting books waiting for you here. Whether you like stories about spooky ghosts, magical witches, or amazing adventures, you’ll find something you love.


  • Paranormal: Strange things, mysteries, and unexplained stories await those who dare to go deep into the paranormal world.
  • Supernatural: Tales of witches, wizards, vampires, and creatures that disobey the laws of nature.
  • Fantasy: Get into the world of magic, mythical creatures, and epic quests that will transport you to worlds beyond the ordinary.

These books are not just stories. Each page turns a key that unlocks the door to adventure, allowing you to escape into a world where the impossible becomes reality.

Why Choose My Books?

  • Good Writing: Worked hard to make these stories fun to read.
  • Different Characters: You’ll meet lots of interesting people in these stories.
  • Exciting Journeys: These stories have big adventures and happy endings.

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Begin your journey into the mystical and the unknown. Browse the selection and choose your next adventure. Whether you’re a fantasy enthusiast or just starting your magical journey, my books will transport you to worlds you’ve only dreamed of.

Don’t wait; start your adventure today! Happy reading, and may your imagination touch new heights with every turn of the page.

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It is very humbling to receive reviews from readers. I know your lives are busy and I hope what I write entertains and informs you. 

As an indie author, I rely on reviews so much to get the word out and every review helps with that, so from the bottom of my heart – thank you! 

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