Maggie McCready’s Travelling Tarot Adventures

The Angel Tea House

Book 1

In The Angel Tea House Maggie arrives in Angel Hill to support tea blender and café owner, Lucy Silverton who is being targeted by unknown sectors of the community, undermining her confidence and business. Maggie must find out who is bullying the businesses of Angel St Business Network and keep herself safe, testing her spiritual knowledge and her physical wellbeing. This is her first mission assisting Archangel Michael and the Legions of Light to protect the suburb from the encroaching dark forces. Armed for the fight with only her kind heart, tarot deck in hand and her entourage of mystic beings, she has a lot to learn about Spirit, the dark forces and herself before this adventure ends.

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It is very humbling to receive reviews from readers. I know your lives are busy and I hope what I write entertains and informs you. 

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I started reading books when I was 4 yrs old because I wanted the stories and worlds that reading gave me. I wanted to learn, explore and escape. Writing fiction is about letting my imagination run wild and taking you along for the journey… are you ready? Good! it’s time for you to explore and enjoy!

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