Maggie McCready’s Travelling Tarot Adventures

The Celestial Tea Shoppe

Book 4

After the exhausting and bitter battle at Glastonbury, Maggie takes herself off to Scotland to recuperate and have some simple time in her normal trade as a tarot reader. She works with a local teapot designer to help her build her business and meets the love of her life, Finley MacLeod (Mac to his friends). He is a member of a local biker gang, into everything that is lawless, and causes mayhem. Maggie has to search deep in her heart and soul to find out why she feels so compelled to love a criminal when she is supposedly working with the light. But as Archangel Michael is nowhere to be found, she can only learn from her mother and grandmother about love and its consequences.


It is very humbling to receive reviews from readers. I know your lives are busy and I hope what I write entertains and informs you. 

As an indie author, I rely on reviews so much to get the word out and every review helps with that, so from the bottom of my heart – thank you! 


I started reading books when I was 4 yrs old because I wanted the stories and worlds that reading gave me. I wanted to learn, explore and escape. Writing fiction is about letting my imagination run wild and taking you along for the journey… are you ready? Good! it’s time for you to explore and enjoy!

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