In The Pilgrims’ Way Café, Maggie McCready, travelling tarot reader and light warrior against
the dark forces, finds herself on another adventure with her Spirit Crew and Archangel Michael.
This time she is joined by seven Archangels to prepare The Archangel’s Way pilgrims’ walk to
be opened to the public for the first time in many centuries.
While the new version of the walk has been designed for walkers and ramblers, the original was
a spiritual pilgrimage based on the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues. Dartmoor is
rife with a gruesome history of headless horses, murderers, highwaymen, prisoners and
smugglers, and their ghosts live to terrorise humans living today.
Maggie must face her own past, demons, sins, and virtues as she tries to assist the business
owners of the Pilgrims’ Way Café and Guesthouse overcome their problems of things that go
bump in the night. And of course, Archdemon Phineas is in the background stirring up trouble
for Archangel Michael and Maggie just to add to the furore.