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As an indie author, reviewers are especially important. They are the most effective way to get the word out there. I am hoping to receive as many reviews on my book as possible and offering to be part of my launch team AND review my book is certainly one of the ways you can help me.

To do this, authors create a Launch Team for each book. This is a group of people who have signed up to be notified about the release date of a book to help with promoting and marketing it.

I will email you the instructions for getting my book at a discounted price during Launch Week. I would also love it if you could leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads so that other people can find out about it!

How To Participate!
Step 1: Subscribe. (If you haven’t already) – You will get a 99-cent e-book during launch week if you sign up. It’s only for subscribers, so this is your chance. 

I’ll keep you informed about dates via email.

Thank you so much for your help and being a member of my launch team. I so appreciate it!

Books, brews, and blessings,

Is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author living in Sydney, NSW, Australia, who, with the help of the Angels, frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. 
Her private clients come from all over the world.

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