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Hello my lovelies,

Recently I was asked to share some fun and fast facts with @butfirstletsread.

Here’s her post!

“FAST FACTS” is a fun way to get to know some of my favorite (and some new-to-me) authors. Today, let’s get to know Author Melody R. Green.

Here are Melody’s fast facts:

1) In Western astrology I am a Scorpio.
2) In Chinese astrology I am a Monkey
3) I was born 11 minutes before my twin brother
4) I have one son – he is in his 30s
5) I live on my own but I’m not alone – as I’m surrounded by angels and characters in my books who often drop in for a chat!
6) I’m a fully trained colour, sound and flower essence therapist.
7) I’ve sung opera professionally and ran my own opera company.
8) I really enjoy art, history and of course, music.
9) I collect fountain pens. At the last count, they numbered 35!
10) I love tea, teacups, teapots and a biscuit or two… so of course my favourite meal is – afternoon tea.

Thank you to Melody R. Green for sharing with us!

You can find Melody here –
IG: @melodyrgreenauthor and @melodyrgreen.books

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