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Here’s this month’s message from the angels – a bit late because life just took over and I am in the middle of NaNoWriMo – Write a Novel in a month challenge. This puts all my normal tasks on the backburner!

Take care and Have a great month!

Books, brews and blessings


A message from the angels

You’ve had a very full couple of months and you have changed who you are at a cellular level: whether you’re aware of this or not.

You need time to integrate this change, mentally and emotionally.

Take time out.  Be in nature, especially around trees or water as these elements will help you integrate.

1. Listen carefully to your body. it’s wisdom is crucial.

2. acknowledge any confusion and release it from your system until you are calm.

3. Ask the angels for help. YES YOU! Ask us … please!

4. Continue to follow your true pleasure (not the pleasure you use to escape yourself) This is how you transform the confusion. The old ways won’t work.5. 

5. Get creative… in the flow of creativity your soul’s consciousness has a chance to flow out of you and become the “aha” you need to get you in the right frequency for your life to unfold.6.

6. Remember the energy of an eclipse season is about transforming you and realigning you with your soul’s truth. It’s influence can last for 3-6 months after the eclipse season.

7.AGAIN WE SAY…When in doubt – ask an angel to help you.

8. And don’t forget the extraordinary power of gratitude. It’s the energy of grace and ease. 

Hugs and blessings dear ones.

The Angels.

Is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author living in Sydney, NSW, Australia, who, with the help of the Angels, frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. 
Her private clients come from all over the world.

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