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Why choose me?

  • 50 years experience reading for clients
  • An international client base of satisfied customers
  • A strong relationship with the Angelic Realm
  •  A wealth of wisdom and insight
  • provides clarity, guidance, and support  
  • A deep connection to the cards
  • More that 80% satisfied return clients
  • A lifetime of spiritual exploration.

A quick update


20 minute reading to answer your pressing questions and to check where you’re at right now. You can also use this for 1 burning question.

review your life

45 minute reading to help you move forward.

Answers your questions AND give you insights to current challenges.

soul path plan


60 minute reading to help you focus on your Soul’s Life Path. Questions answered AND let’s you know how to level up to the life you want.

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It’s an honour to act as the connector between you and your guides and the angels… here are some of the testimonials from my clients…

Simply connect with me for a cup of virtual tea and a conversation that might just change your perspective. Together, let us embark on a journey of words, wisdom, and wonder.