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I never expected to be a writer … and I never thought I’d work as a tarot reader or with the Angels either! But both have happened. 

I began learning the art of writing when I wrote tertiary-level training manuals, but I wanted to do more …

I wanted to explore my creativity and spirituality in writing and so I decided to write about what mattered to me … but at heart I’m still a child who loves storytelling in all its forms, which is why you will find here novels, short stories, podcast stories and recipes.

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I believe our spirits are nourished by stories as much as food, and often these things are entwined.

My writing comes from my soul, and she yearns to share her imagination, ideas and passions with you. 

I have always used reading as my escape, my refuge, my support and my teacher. Along with reading, my constant support has been Spirit and the Angels, who have so generously shown me the way.

Come explore with me.

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My Readers

Are wonderful, unique human beings. They might even be considered eccentric or quirky, and there’s no judgement here!

They have either been on their spiritual journey for some time or are curious about more than what they see in the world. They know they are constantly evolving into more of their glorious selves. 

They are often Empaths or Highly Sensitive People and choose to serve humanity in all they do. As a result, they can suffer from emotional and mental overwhelm that is detrimental to their healthy wellbeing.

They need and love to be nourished and nurtured – reading is one of their soul-soothers. 

10 things you never knew about Melody…

1) I’m an introvert, empath and highly sensitive personality – so I find crowds a challenge because of the psychic energy of groups of people.
2) In Western astrology I am a Scorpio.
3) In Chinese astrology I am a Monkey
4) I was born 11 minutes before my twin brother
5) I have one son – he is in his 30s
6) I live on my own but I’m not alone – as I’m surrounded by angels and characters in my books who often drop in for a chat!
7) I’m a fully trained colour, sound and flower essence therapist.
8) I’ve sung opera professionally and ran my own opera company.
9) I really enjoy art, history and of course, music.
10) I collect fountain pens. at the last count, they numbered 35!
11) I love tea, teacups, teapots and a biscuit or two… so of course my favourite meal is – afternoon tea.
12) Is Maggie based on me? Nooo! She’s far nicer than me!
13) Did I mention I can’t count? Maybe I should have called this the Baker’s Dozen?!

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